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Renovation of Chaplain’s School AV Room, Fort Jackson, SC

There are be (3) locations in the room where a presenter lectern can present from (front, side, rear). From the lectern a PC output (3) video signals. These video signals feed (3) OFE local monitors and to the Matrix video switch. There is also a laptop (VGA & HDMI) connectivity at the lectern. There are (5) transmitters provided for the "workstation pod" to send video into the matrix switch. The matrix switch is configured to accept video from the (8) noted pod stations. Video is being sent to (3) 3D capable short throw projectors on the front wall and (1) existing 70" LED confidence monitor for the instructor. There are (3) HD PTZ wall mounted cameras on the front, side, and rear of the room. These cameras are designed to fed into a web based VTC System. There also are (3) ceiling microphones routed to a DSP audio mixer. Audio is routed to the PC based VTC system and through installed ceiling speakers. There is a wall mounted Control panel that can be used on the wall or in a wireless mode. Video is routed to the SMART Board, but requires a PC with the software to be provided in order for the Touch functions to work.
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