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Complete renovation of BikramYoga studio in Hilton Head Island, SC.

Bikram Yoga Studio
10 Executive Park Rd
Hilton Head, SC 29928

This Bikram Yoga studio consists of approximately 3100 square footage of tenant space. Our scope of work included complete demolition and total tenant up-fit of the space. The challenge in this project was the sophisticated mechanical system that keeps this hot yoga studio at a temperature of 105 degrees with 30% to 40 % relative humidity maintained for 90 minutes several times throughout the day. There’s also a separate air-conditioned system for the common space, consisting of three changing rooms/bathrooms with four showers and three offices. The hot yoga studio consists of over 1600 square ft. of space.

The Yoga Studio mechanical system includes an Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV), which takes the outside temperature and heats the air with a 15KW electric heat strip. It also includes Infrared Heat panels, which heats up to 104 degrees that serves as a supplemental heat source for the room. This sophisticated mechanical system includes a dehumidifier and a 3 phase electrical Nortex Humidifier. There is a steam distributor within the duct system and a UV sterilizer that is tied to the return duct that cleans and sanitizes the air before returning it back into the room.

The project took 14 weeks to build. This is the 1st Bikram Yoga Studio, and Freeland Construction is proud to have been apart of bringing this much in demand service to Hilton Head, SC.
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