Renovation of Central Sterile Reprocessing, Beaufort, SC


a demolition and marine contractor
Complete renovation of Central Sterile Reprocessing (CSR) area in Naval Hospital, Beaufort, SC.

ROICC Beaufort

Moore St, Building 658
PO BOX 9310
Beaufort, SC 29904

The project goal was to design and build the required renovation of the Central Sterile Reprocessing (CSR) area in Naval Hospital, Beaufort, SC. Renovation consisted of, but not limited to, new flooring, wall coverings, clean room type 2 by 2 ceilings, doors, enclosing window openings, demolition of existing cabinetry, demolition of existing flooring, demolition of existing ceilings, abatement and removal of asbestos containing material, and installation of InnerSpace Corporation Series 200 Manual Compacting Mobile System or equivalent. Freeland Construction provided all labor, materials, and equipment necessary to safely complete the repair and renewal activities in accordance with local state and federal guidelines. We had to keep in mind that that Naval Hospital Beaufort must be kept open for business during construction. Freeland Construction was also responsible to move and store all material and furniture with the exception of drugs and personnel items. During the work installed all of the temporary construction requirements required to separate the construction zones from other surrounding clinical and administrative spaces, keeping in mind infection control, noise levels and vibration. The work was intended to improve the environment of care, provide compliance with all military regulations/standards for health care facilities, and meet the safety requirements and standards of current health care facilities.
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