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Union Station Regional Intermodal Transportation Center

Springfield Massachusetts

The Intermodal Transportation Center will encompass passenger train transportation north south to Washington DC or St. northern Vermont and east to west to Albany and Boston in the future. The project includes 27 open air bus berths for both InterCity and intra-City travel.

There are 4 major components to the project:
1. Construction of a 6 story parking garage
2. Demolition of the rail baggage building and Stabilizing a 20 plus foot high and 350 foot long retaining wall
3. Construction of new access roads and bus berths
4. Remediation of a 90 year old Historic Terminal Building

1. The parking garage site was the location of the old Charles Hotel that burned in the 1980s and was demolished with the foundation filled with construction debris which must be removed, graded to 3 inch minus and then crushed to 1 inch minus to be reused as backfill on site. All 3 inch plus material will be disposed of as construction debris. Site is being excavated at this time. Parking garage plans are out for bid presently.

2. The retaining wall was actually constructed with the baggage building and the baggage building served as the ballast and structure to ensure the stability of the retaining wall that was holding back the weight of the trains on the tracks. The process was designed for maximum stability of the retaining wall during demolition. First the retaining wall was partially soil nailed in place by drilling holes in the concrete wall, pumping grout through a hollow rod placed to refusal or a specified depth and capping and welding to the retaining wall structure. Photographs 1 through 2 show the retaining wall with soil nailing before the baggage building demolition and photograph 3 shows the cutting of the grade beams, photograph 4 shows the cutting of the steel beams, photograph 5 shows the building totally cut away from the wall and photograph 6 shows the continued soil nailing after the baggage building was completely severed from the wall and demolished.

Wall with Baggage Building attached with steel beams and grade beams

Wall with Baggage Building attached with steel beams and grade beams

Cutting grade beams from retaining wall

The steel beams and concrete deck slab are cut from wall

View after Baggage Building cut free from retaining wall

Soil nailing after Baggage Building full demolition

2-A. Baggage building demolition was an extensive part of the project to date. The building had an administrative section Photograph 7, a baggage and cargo handling section, Photograph 8 and a tower section, Photographs 9 and 10, that was near active rail lines that complicated the demolition somewhat. Photographs 11, 12 and 13 show active demolition of Baggage Building and finally, Photograph 14 shows the site once the complete Baggage Building was demolished.

View of administrative part of Baggage building

Baggage and cargo handling bays

The lookout tower to watch rail yard operations

Indicates relative location to active rail lines

The Baggage Building, Tower section, demolition

Baggage Building tower with retaining wall to the right

View of site once Baggage Building was demolished

3. Construction of new access roads and bus berths will be constructed over a poor subgrade and extensive soil conditioning must be accomplished to insure stable subgrade to construct new heavy-duty pavement. This process will be accomplished after construction of the parking garage and the stabilization of the 350 foot long retaining wall.

4. The historic Terminal Building has been remediated and is currently undergoing selective demolition to remove all non-bearing structural elements for a full structural assessment. The main concourse will be completely demolished to bare bones structure and rebuilt exactly as it once was but with safe, new materials. The revitalized building will be home to rail and bus ticketing, food court, and office space.

Front view of Terminal Building

Concourse from mezzanine level

Concourse at street level

Concourse at street level, west elevation

Concourse at street level, partial selective demolition

Concourse at street level, selective demolition continues

Concourse at street level, east elevation, selective demolition complete

Concourse at street level, west elevation, selective demolition complete

A third floor wing after selective demolition