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Gaillard Municipal Auditorium


Charleston has grown and attracted outstanding performing artists and arts organizations. Spoleto Festival USA has helped create world-wide acclaim for Charleston as a cultural destination. The arts in Charleston not only enrich our lives, they contribute significantly to our economy. For example, Spoleto visitors spend twice the average amount spent by arts and cultural tourists.

Performing artists and audiences expect facilities of a quality that is commensurate with the talents of those on stage. Furthermore, whether in the case of performance halls or art museums, today's consumers are attracted to venues that are destinations themselves. Whether it's Frank Gehry's Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, David Schwarz's Schermerhorn Symphony Center in Nashville, or Charleston's own historic Dock Street Theatre, the buildings themselves become reasons to attend a performance.

Gaillard Auditorium is not on a par with the demands of today's marketplace. Built in 1968, it is out-of-date and oversized; and it has inadequate acoustics and inefficient energy use.

A world-class performance hall will not only meet the needs of performing artists and audiences, it will be more popular, be used more frequently, and therefore generate more revenue for the City.

Our goal is to create one of our nation's finest performance halls. After all, it resides in the heart of America's most beautiful and historic city.

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