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Kenneth Canty on Business negotiators 1 - Internet Radio Talk Show

May 9, 2014 Show

Dear Kenneth Canty ,
Show Title: 5/09/14, Kenneth Canty PE, Freeland Construction Co.

Show Time:  3pm Eastern/ 2pm Central  

R & P Executive Services

Mr. Canty is a Professional Engineer and his company has an Unlimited General Contractor License in several states. Mr. Canty is the CEO of Freeland Construction Company, Inc. was established in 2001, with offices in Charleston, SC Columbia SC, Bowie, MD and Savannah, GA. Mr. Canty is responsible for managing operations for Business Development, Construction Management, and Financial/Accounting Management. He develops, implements and manage the Company Business plans as well as determine and implement Company Policies. He is responsible for all contractual commitments as well as all budgetary and financial disbursements.

Some of the services offered by Freeland Construction Co. are to provide technical and managerial guidance to construction projects managed by various contractors and engineering consultants. Participated in and made presentations at various governmental agencies as well as public information meetings. Manage all aspects of engineering for design, demolition and construction. Coordinated engineering tasks such as Hydrographic Surveys, Request for Information (RFI's) and Non Conformance Reports (NCR's) between field staff and design engineers. Identify and negotiate contract modifications. Developed and managed contract CPM Schedule. Organized and supervised Document Administrative and Project Controls. Developed lift drawings for use in all operations which included explosive demolition of trusses, concrete piers and foundations. Developing Memorabilia Plans that included incorporating use of salvage steel material from existing bridges bridges. Developed reef deployment procedures to successfully deposit over 250,000 tons of bridge rubble at off shore sites. Developed and implemented various traffic control plans throughout all phases of demolition and construction that included major interstate shutdowns and street detours.

Some of the company's projects are: Transportation Sales Tax Program, Charleston County, SC; Demolition of the Cooper River Bridges, Charleston, SC; Arthur Ravenel Bridge Replacement Project, Charleston, SC; I-93 Ramps and Viaducts North of the Charles River, Boston, MA; Fuller Warren Bridge Demolition, Jacksonville, FL; Long Island Expressway Reconstruction, New York, NY and the Woodhaven Bridge Rehabilitation, NY, NY;

Mr. Canty has been awarded the U.S. SBA - Regional Minority Business Person of the Year - 2011 and the MBDA - South Carolina Entrepreneur of the Year 2011

    843-722-1740 (work)



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"Companies don't get what they deserve, they get what they negotiate."
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